我们选择的合作伙伴是各自领域的领导者,他们的解决方案可以与Synergy协同使用® Education Platform to deliver best-in-class solutions to our partner districts.

1EdTech®是一个非营利性会员组织,致力于促进教育技术对教学和学习的影响. The consortium’s community of educational institutions, suppliers, 政府组织合作开发支持创新的开放互操作性标准, promote a seamless user experience, and significantly lower the cost of integrating third-party products into enterprise solutions. Synergy® SIS is certified on the consortium’s OneRoster® 1.1标准规范的名册和作业等级回传,并提供了一个API与选择的12bet游戏下载系统的数据安全交换.

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谷歌云平台™云计算服务套件包括简化学区技术使用的工具,并扩展教与学的可能性. 全球有超过1.7亿的学生和教育工作者依靠b谷歌的教育生产力应用程序. Synergy教育平台与谷歌Classroom™和其他谷歌for Education应用程序集成,在Synergy中提供无缝访问.

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As the leading provider of secure payment solutions and nutrition software, Heartland School Solutions supports over 34,000 schools across all 50 states. Heartland的MySchoolBucks与Synergy SIS完全集成,以帮助简化所有学生费用和付款的收集和管理. Through the ParentVUE portal, parents can see all their students’ fees and quickly pay for them using MySchoolBucks. Find out how this powerful integration can save you and your staff time.

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Inspect® is a formative assessment item bank and suite of over 300 pre-built assessments. This solution offers an industry-leading combination of rigor, innovation, and integrity. 其结果是便于评估交付,为教师提供具体的反馈,以便他们能够快速通知教学,以提高学生的学习. Inspect® is developed by Key Data Systems, an industry leader in educational psychometric services and standards-based assessment.

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Ed-Fi解决方案是一个教育数据标准和工具套件,赋予教育工作者实时的能力, actionable information on every student in their classroom, school, district or state. It enables school and district administrators, 以及州和联邦机构利用现有的IT和数据基础设施来更好地满足教育工作者的日常需求和不断变化的问责要求. Edupoint已通过Ed-Fi数据标准认证其Synergy学生信息系统平台.

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Computer Management Technologies, Inc. (CMT)是一家IT服务集团,为客户提供将当今的技术进步与业务管理和运营相集成的工具. CMT has provided successful business solutions for clients since 1984, 从大城市的学区到制造商,甚至是家庭办公室的专业人士. CMT与Edupoint合作,将其屡获殊荣的Synergy教育平台提供给密歇根州的学区.

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Instructure® 提供精通项目银行™,旨在指导教学在地区和课堂水平. Mastery Item Bank includes assessment items in ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and offers Spanish-translated items. Over 88,000 standards-based items are available with Navigate, as well as pre-built assessments, called Mastery Progress Checks™, which allow educators to quickly measure students’ understanding of concepts. Items in the Mastery Item Bank are aligned to the Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and all 50 states’ standards. 

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My Payment Network, Inc., is the oldest and leading eCommerce provider to K12. Its flagship service, SchoolPay, is the first enterprise-level eCommerce solution built specifically for K12. SchoolPay集中了该地区的每笔电子商务支付,并将这些支付数据与依赖于支付数据的不同应用程序同步, such as general ledger, cash accounting, food service, extended day software and more. My Payment Network is based in Madison, WI.

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Region 1 is a leading regional software service provider, specializing in training, 为学区和其他政府机构提供行政软件应用程序的电话支持和托管服务. 区域1提供以Synergy学生信息系统为特色的全面软件解决方案和支持, SMART Systems finance and HR/payroll software, Meal Plus cafeteria management software, and TimeClock Plus timekeeping solution. Region 1 is also the software hosting entity for the North Star Library Consortium, using the Destiny Library Manager application.

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Clever is the easiest way for schools to manage learning software. We keep learning applications synced in real-time and give students and teachers an easy-to-use, personalized, one-login experience. Over 50% of US schools use Clever, and over 300 learning applications now integrate with Clever. Sign up for Clever and select Edupoint Synergy from the list of automatic sync partners. 

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With over 26,000 worldwide deployments, KEMP Technologies提供负载平衡解决方案,使教育和其他关键业务应用保持高可用性, scalable and secure. Integrating powerful, stable, 功能齐全的应用程序交付和服务器负载平衡,以及第7层内容交换和SSL加速技术的最新进展, KEMP has created an ideal product for K-12 and other educational institutions.

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CPSI provides superior products, development, 以及为实施和管理纵向数据系统和数据集成/管理系统提供咨询服务, serving both state and district educational organizations. CPSI和Edupoint于2006年合作,与学校互操作性框架(SIF)协会共同开发和认证Synergy SIF代理. CPSI最近推出了两个新产品:早期预警系统,以协助课堂水平的干预和xdAD, 我们的活动目录管理工具的全面更新,可以帮助您自动化网络帐户, Google Apps/Microsoft 365, AUPs and single sign-on. Both work with the Synergy SIF agent. Ask about our FREE ZIS.

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杰纳西中级学区(GISD)提供影响教学的教育领导, learning, student achievement, productivity, and efficiency. Through strong relationships and partnerships, GISD is able to deliver high quality, 创新教育项目和支持服务包括:网络技术支持, servers, data backups, desktop and other hardware; instructional technology; as well as implementation, training, and 24/7 helpdesk support for various software applications. GISD’s Technology & 媒体服务部门与Edupoint合作,为美国许多Synergy地区提供补充支持和培训服务. 

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Edulink Systems provides an integrated Parent Notification Service for Edupoint’s Synergy® solution. Edulink提供了一个完整的ASP服务,有几个K-12特定的选项,包括移动应用程序, advanced threshold-based attendance calling and teacher-driven messaging.  许多Edupoint客户依靠Edulink系统来帮助提高家长的参与度,并简化他们的沟通过程.

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Tired of the time and expense of folding and stuffing documents into envelopes? Let PTM Document Systems automate and simplify the distribution of your grade reports, progress reports, truant letters and more with Print to Mail. Print to Mail is a proven solution with Edupoint customers and is in use with over 5,000 schools and institutions across the US. 我们提供广泛的系统,以满足您的业务和预算需求,包括一整套全新的打印到邮件独立系统. Eliminate the envelope and the manual task of folding and stuffing with Print to Mail, low initial and ongoing costs.

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With more than 420,000 customers and deployments in more than 145 countries, Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems.  Oracle Database helps improve the quality and performance of applications, saves time with maximum availability architecture and storage management, and simplifies consolidation by managing hundreds of databases as one. 

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微软金牌认证合作伙伴是微软最受认可的独立技术支持提供商,他们为数据管理和软件开发提供无与伦比的支持. A Microsoft Certified Partner’s software solution – for Edupoint, the Synergy Education Platform – is confirmed by Microsoft to be an official solution, work effectively, 并为客户提供一系列信息技术(IT)项目和特定产品和服务.

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The Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community, formerly the SIF Association, enables disparate vendor applications to exchange data, without the end-user re-entering data multiple times, to provide secure and consistent information to all applications across a given zone/environment. SIF认证程序确保数据在应用程序之间成功传输,并且传输的数据成功驻留在所有共享应用程序中, by using an open, community developed data standard – the SIF Specification. Synergy is a SIF 2 Enabled Application. 

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