Edupoint’s 培训 Team offers a variety of training options to help end users get more from the Synergy platform and maximize benefits across your district.

实现 培训

Our 实现 培训 is a specialized series of hands-on training sessions for implementing clients, designed to get users comfortable navigating the Synergy platform and completing tasks relevant to their specific role. 实现 培训 sessions take place onsite at our Mesa, AZ, 培训实验室 or as live, hands-on 培训实验室s in a virtual environment. Depending on district needs, Synergy implementations may include a Train-the-Trainer component, which provides all end users with access to in-district expertise when they need it in the future.

Synergy Skill 培训

Synergy Skill 培训 provides year-round opportunities for users to learn new skills and deepen their knowledge of Synergy. All skill training sessions take place as live hands-on labs, either virtually or onsite at our Mesa, AZ, 培训实验室. 学习 what you need, when you need it, with other Synergy users from districts around the country. View sessions and register.


Hosted by Edupoint’s Customer Resource Center (CRC) and featuring product experts from across the company, our ongoing 协同网络研讨会 offer multiple opportunities each month to get product training, ‘just-in-time’ information on specific topics and modules, and new functionality spotlights. View the webinar schedule and register.

Synergy Continuous Product Education (CPE)

Synergy CPE is post-implementation training provided to groups of users in a single district based on role, 季节, 或功能. For information on available training options or to request a quote, please contact Edupoint Sales.

Synergy Distance 学习ing Portal

The Synergy Distance 学习ing Portal is an online library of interactive video tutorials your staff can use anytime and anywhere to enhance their expertise and maximize the power of their Synergy system. We currently offer 28 complete training courses with over 200 lessons providing step-by-step demonstrations, 画外音解说, and on-screen text captions. User participation and metrics can be tracked with a complete online reporting system. Whether it’s enriching the knowledge of existing staff or onboarding new hires, the portal provides ongoing professional development in a format that is a convenient, cost-effective alternative to in-person training. 主题包括:

  • 协同导航
  • 招生
  • 日常考勤
  • 期出勤率
  • 出勤信
  • 纪律的事件
  • 健康
  • 安排维修
  • 学生团体
  • 学生12bet游戏
  • 学生项目 & 住宿
  • 分级
  • TeacherVUE成绩单发布
  • TeacherVUE成绩单发布: Secondary Standards-Based 分级
  • TeacherVUE成绩单发布 Attendance
  • Student Course History
  • 质量计划
  • 基本的调度
  • 课程要求
  • 学生职业规划
  • 考试记录
  • 查询
  • 跨年
  • 储物柜
  • 费用
  • Synergy Online Registration
  • 协同评估
  • 协同mts

LMS Professional Development Consulting Sessions

Our on-site Synergy Professional Development Consulting Sessions provide support for teachers and administrators implementing 协同LMS and are tailored to the specific needs of your district. Using 协同LMS, these sessions help attendees:

  • 学习 how to align the tool to best practices in the classroom
  • 学习 how organize the overwhelming number of digital content resources teachers have available to them and make them easy to find and distribute online
  • Know what standards to spend more time on
  • Know where to find quality resources for instruction and student learning
  • Ensure that professional development time translates to student learning
  • 学习 how to organize curriculum elements and target them by grade level, 主题, or course so teachers can easily find and use what they need
  • Know what actions to take in response to student data
  • Know when to use whole group vs. small group instruction
  • Understand the most effective classroom practices to share with other grade levels and school sites
  • Develop PLC approaches that leverage Synergy to collect meeting results, and share those results with key stakeholders from within the Synergy environment

LMS Professional Development Consulting Session topics include:

  • Planning 实现 Timelines
  • LMS 培训 for Staff
  • LMS 支持 for State Standards
  • Best Practices in Student Assessment
  • What to Do With All That Data